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precoius ive asked everytime i see you ..and will not stop ...but please please do a video ..your fans will love it ..i cannot be the only one who wants to see you in full motion ...your body is beautiful and a face to match ...your the definition of beautiful.. so thats all at least think about it ..thank you

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A truly beautiful little sweetheart, but I wish she would change her facial expressions occasionally. That enigmatic pout gets boring. It seems like she is not enjoying the session. Perhaps Rylsky confiscated her smart phone until the session was over. No texting during the photo shoot!

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true, she always tried to play her own role, not listen to my advices, but some photos of her smiles was in some sets here:) I hope we will see more in next updates

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Perhaps you could show Precious some photos of some of the other models like Nikia, Jeff or even Loreen. Maybe you could teach her to show more emotions. She is very pretty and her makeup is flawless.

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This girl is drop-dead gorgeous. Everything about her is stunning. But she has the cutest butt, just sooo shapely and inviting. What a beauty! ❤️

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It would be better if she smiled at the camera