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I don't know what is happening. I have done 2 wright ups on this set already and they have both disappeared??? Just a short comment to say that Precious is is 88lbs of pure joy! It's amazing that such a small woman can have such a powerful presence. Amazing young lady!

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Various weirdness again cropping up in overall MetArt system programming. MANY problems cropping up after the soft launch of the "new" system software.

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Silly girl, Precious... you don't have to ruin a perfectly good pillow in a bathtub. Just call me, I'll run your bath for you, and then you can sit your delicate butt on my lap. (: Don't worry, it's totally my pleasure to sacrifice for beauty. (;

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Two things come to mind ... well, not just TWO things, but at least two things I feel comfortable sharing. One, I love the way her breasts are asymmetric ... the way the nipple and areola on her left breast is, for want of a better description, staring markedly off to her left instead of pointing straight forward. Something so cute about it.

The other thing is I wish she'd smiled at least a bit in some of the shots. There are a few where a smile isn't warranted, but a few like #s 2 & 28, where I think a nice sly smile might've done a lot for the shot.

As for our esteemed Mr. Rillie-skie ... I really like frames #s 10 & 11. While I'm not a huge (ahem ...) fan of the "cross your arms and squish 'em together" kind of shots, I think this works wonderfully on her. And as for #11, I don't think I've ever seen an overhead shot done quite that way before. I LIKE it.

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That's you all right ... always ready to "give it up" when it suits your cause. :-0)

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Exactly, Arkie... in fact, I volunteer to be Precious's bath-runner and bathwater temperature tester for as long as she needs the service. The only payment I require is that she allows me to stay in the tub when she climbs in. :D I don't mind soaping her back none 'tall. ( ;

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Precious. A perfect name for such a darling little princess, only 88 tiny little pounds. I love her petite feminine figure. Precious reminds me of the beautiful Cecile. I like the setting for this set. It looks like a new white and gold room. I am not sure of the point of the empty bath tub. Sitting on a cushion in an empty tub seems strange.

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Perhaps the tub was cold & slippery? If cold, perhaps we could have been treated to some spectacular erect nipples? One could only hope ...