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I love to see her non-nude pictures too.

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I'll have KoolWhip with that yummy hair pie, thanks...;o)

Another scrumptious set of this rrromping rredhead!

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And let's have more of these sets that doug has absolutely nothing to say about...;o)

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Nice set except no shots feature or even show well her hairy arm pits.

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It has been far too long since we've seen the lovely Orabelle. She should be one of your monthly beauties, IMO, Rylsky. At least in part because her beauty is so original ~ it's not all sweetness, there's a little pepper in there too, and it makes it that much more real.
She seems very confident and comfortable posing, which is a huge turn-on. In fact, my favorite sequence in this set is images #51-54 where she quite casually shows us the goods with a serene expression on her face, as though she knows exactly what she's doing to us. ( :

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The lovely Miss Orabelle Koivu, the beautiful red haired lady from Finland. Orabelle has been one of my favorites. I absolutely love her beautiful red hair. I adore her sweet face and delicate fleeting smile. I love her pale alabaster skin lovely feminine figure. I only wish there were more photos of her with larger, happier smiles. I mean large toothy grins. But I suppose that is just not Orabelle's personality and she certainly is very generous with other aspects of her wonderful charms. So very warm regards and best wishes Miss Orabelle Koivu. I have enjoyed viewing every one of your photos.

I am not sure of the meaning of Tuurkisa. Google translates tuu out of Finnish as come and it translates kisa as race, but does not translate Tuurkisa at all. A mystery.

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