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It is a wonderful gallery. I have to reflect back to the recent topic discussed about settings and whether a familiar setting is more appealing (or arousing) than a fantasy setting or something less familiar and I can say here that it kind of depends on the model, or the viewers preconception about the model. My attraction to Olwen is based on her looking like someone I might see in the office. So, I really like her galleries on a chair or in a "familiar" setting where it plays on my fantasy of her being that girl I met at work. To see her in the setting in this gallery is to put her out of place for me. She's in a fantasy setting and that's not the Olwen I've been relating to. So, this setting has less impact on me with Olwen than it might with another model. Very nice work, though. It's a great backdrop and Olwen is highly appealing. I just want her on that leather armchair instead! :)

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Rylsky, you must really love your job. Lol. Thanks you and Alwen.

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Olwen is an absolute stunner. Her big blue eyes almost jump off the screen. Love the lifted dress (hooray!), love her beautiful buns, and OOOF, love those shots when she's on all fours.

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First impression: That is one of the top two or three covers I have ever seen! Second impression: There are quite a few even worthier images inside Vork. My choice for best cover shot if selected is either 20 or 21. 70 would also be a great selection but it is not in the portrait format.

It obviously follows that Vork is one of my favorite galleries of all time, aided in no small measure by one of Rylsky's beautiful silken backdrops.

Olwen is undeniably beautiful. I love her face, long hair falling in rivulets of curls, eyebrows, brilliant smile, dimples, very shapely breasts, great eyes, plump lady bits, and her championship calibre derriere.

Olwen and Rylsky hit it out of the park with Vork! Rylsky: If you see or speak to Olwen, please tell her that she and Vork are wonderful! You did great too my friend.

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