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  • 3 years ago
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Olwen is a perfect model. She is beautiful and strong, the perfect woman

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Is this a form of "reverse" water torture we're being exposed to (no pun intended)? It IS for me. Olwen is a wonderful young woman who, apparently, is having a good time doing this. She also kind of epitomizes the "girl next door" kind of good looks. I particularly like frames # 72-77 - fun in a kind of innocent looking way. Hope to see her often.

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You are very kind, arkie.

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Now I can say Bravo on finding a new treasure for us! Not only is she Beautiful from the shoulders up but from there down she is equally awesome! The long fully formed legs, Amazing butt, and lovely titties too. Everything is perfectly placed and perfectly sized and formed and it all flows together like a fine wine! I think you have a winner here!

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Awesome debut, Olwen!

You're special.

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Gorgeous model. Incredibly beautiful, with a great attitude. Nice photography.

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Welcome to RylskyArt, Olwen, I hope you visit us often. I really like your lovely long hair, eyebrows, beautiful eyes, radiant smile, hourglass figure, and delightful derriere.

Congratulations on your latest discovery Rylsky. Right into the water room the first time she visits us, eh. My favorite image is # 53, wait, it's # 44; let's face it there are too many nice ones to list here.

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