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Like Green I am delighted to see Okelani again, she is adorable & a figure 'to die for'. Is it that some ladies are not necessarily 'natural' models they don't appear much? By natural I mean automatically taking relaxed poses with out the need for strong direction which is found out with trial shoots. Certainly hope there may be more yet to come of Okelani any way.

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Look at Okelani's eyes in #11, aren't they and she beautiful? Plus she's fundamentally very sound.

My favorite image is #38.

Thank you Okelani and Team Rylsky for sharing the results of your collaboration on Vedbend.

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I am delighted to see beautiful Ms Okelani again. It has been far too long since her debut. I love those radiant green eyes and that rich dark brunette hair. Photo number 11 is an absolutely beautiful portrait of a truly gorgeous young woman. Also, I love her curvaceous womanly figure. She seems to be just a little more curvy than most RA models, but who could ever forget the stunning movie star, Sophia Loren who said, "I would rather eat pasta and drink wine than wear a size 0 dress." Okelani has a particularly appealing backside. Very nice. I certainly hope we will see Okelani much more often.