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I know many folks hate girls with full fur, but I think Norma would just look amazing with a fully grown bush and/or even natural pits.

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We asked Norma about it, but she disagree with "grow" more hair.

welcome to RA!

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It's been a while since I was around here and I know I've missed a lot and a lot has changed but in the case of Norma J... not so much.

I dearly wish she'd quit waving that thing in my face - makes it almost impossible to concentrate. It's like a red cape at a bullfight.

Mr. Rillskie... is there any way possible that you can get Norma to stop this maddening display? She knows exactly what she's doing to the likes of me and I'd really appreciate it if she'd point that thing of hers in another member's direction for a change.

From a sensory-overloaded member...

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Long time no read Arkie(2)

When I was last @ MET, I think you were compiling a database of models and their attributes. Was that you and if yes how did your labor of love go?

If it wasn't you would you happen to remember which member was doing that monumental task?

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So many full length images of lovely Norma, I really like that. No sooner have I written that than I must state that some of my favorite images are the closely focused ones where our host continues his trend of not going overboard on post shoot image manipulation. Well done Rylsky!

As for Norma, she is radiant in Smukke. So relaxed and natural with facial expressions from somewhat serious, to winsome smiles to full blown joyous smiles.

You two have delivered a wonderful visit for my enjoyment, much appreciated.

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Norma is a magnificent young woman and, like BaggyPants, I love the first 8 shots of her full-length beauty, particularly the sideways shots of her flat stomach and gently rounded buttocks. They send shivers up and down my spine. Norma has a unique look which is all her own and long may she grace our computers.

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Our amazing Ms Norma Joel, an experienced model who is clearly confident of her superb physical beautiful and her sexuality. Norma has done many photo shoots with several different photographers, but I think Rylsky does the very best at capturing her intense beauty. I always adore her Norma's thick mane of dark brunette hair. And in this update, her makeup is flawless, particularly her eyes. The title of today's update, "Smukke" translates out of Danish as "Beautiful", the only word that can begin to describe our Norma Joel. Why Danish? Only Rylsky knows for sure.

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