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Da metterglielo tutto nel culo

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Norma is a VERY attractive young woman, with many pleasing physical features. Today something about her large and wrinkly areolae caught my attention, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Thanks to both Norma and Rylsky.

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So pretty and that smile............

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This is indeed a special treat... we get to see Norma in a lovely dress and enjoy how she takes it off. Additionally, some of us had been asking for the sets with her hair straightened and we finally get to see one. Just lovely. (:

Not that I don't like her hair curly, but it's nice to see a variety, and a lot of women like to switch things up from time to time anyway. This is definitely a good look for Norma. Not that there would be very many that aren't... (:

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I love this new short set from Norma. She looks a touch more sophisticated and elegant but remains very lovely and erotic young woman. I particularly love to see frames of her standing full-length naked from the front, side and rear (she has one of the most beautiful bellies around.)

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