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Somehow I find this assortment of photos to have a nostalgic, almost scrapbook appeal to it. The often careful perfection of a Nikia gallery is absent and we see her more perhaps as she is in real life. The introductory photos appear to be from a different time than the rest (her hair color is different). I like the everyday appeal of them, but the magazine is distracting and, as I so often do, I have the urge to brush Nikia's untamed hair. I swear I've seen that dress before, but there are some facial expressions here that I think I've not seen before and I think to myself, “This is Nikia, businesswoman.” There's a sense of anticipation in them as she appears to be waiting for something or someone. The b/w pics bring out the kindness in her eyes and smile. The headshot shows too much makeup, though (the gallery does not shy from imperfection). The shot of her pressing her breasts causes me to think “milk”…motherhood (why do I keep thinking she’s due for a baby?). The rest, for me, is sentimental, because it reminds me of “Lemiz”, the first gallery I may have seen of Nikia, thinking what incredible woman must exist inside this angelic body and behind that noble face, with those mischievous lips, strong jaw, and intelligent, elegant eyes.

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Lovely Nikia's monthly visit is always a highlight for me!

Thanks for the portraits and near portraits as well as the black and white images.

She looks angelic on her walkabout.

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