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Those shots of that milk following the contours of Nikia's body are quite enticing.

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It has the appearance of frosting on a luscious pastry and can engage one is the fantasy of licking every drop from her body. That would be an enjoyable foreplay. Such "enticement" is what makes this set work. It's not going to rank real high on the scale of Nikia/Rylsky works, but I agree with you that it is enticing, which one of the good things about this set.

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My only complaint is that it is too short!

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this is bonus set. RA updates = 15 "usual" updates per month + 5 free sets or videos every month

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Hello Mr. Rylsky. I'm curious about something. Over the years throughout the MetArt network, Nikia sets have shown up at a ratio of about 3 to 4 per month. Last year, it went up to 5 per month, which made 2017 one of her greatest years! Now I'm seeing 3 per month in 2018. Is this going the be ratio we should expect for the rest of the year? I wish not, but I'm sure Nikia's life is changing. It doesn't freeze in images the way photographs do, which is one reason I love photographs. They capture moments and keep them timeless. Thank you, sir!

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Hi, my friend

I only could be sure about RA and you know my promises here. I have no idea about Network content managers who decide what's going online on all their sites.


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