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I really like the black and white images! in moderation they are a treat for showing how well she has groomed her eyebrows and how beautiful Nikia is. I also like the hoodie, I need to get something similar that is just a bit longer than usual.

Again, I can not think of new things to say about Nikia so “I always enjoy visits from Nikia” will have to do.

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I love to add some portraits of models in BW, it makes all things more clear and monochrome photography always tells more about personality, no matter male or female face, it makes 2 times more senses and personality in my opinion. remember RA special series "portRAits"?



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Two very nice galleries.

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I just reviewed @s 1, 2, and 3 for the umpteenth time. I always look at a model's eyes as soon as they can be seen.

Even in B&W I can see the wonderful patterns in the part of her eye that surrounds the pupil. I have written here, about Nikia; and over @ the Mother Ship about her and many models eyes. I have variously described the eyes as looking like the amber panels given to and stolen from the tsar / Hermitage. I have also noted some that remind me of eruptions on the sun's surface, or even the pattern on swimming pools and liners.

Eyes are darn near as nice as most body parts to view and review.

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Movie movie movie!

Thanks Rylsky. Thanks Nikia!

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thank you for your choice. I remember I did some update as personal gift to you as well (for Zemira). Now this is another member's gift day:)

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Ooops My Bad!

My apologies to loosebruce2 for stepping out of line. I defer to his sound judgement.

Your right Rylsky, you were very kind to accommodate me. I shall right an Ode in celebration of your great work. But that will be next week when I am back in the office.


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I remember a commenter, who is sorely missed; who also wrote odes and was often out of the office. They probably did the majority of their writing @ the Mother Ship. I look forward to the ode.

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Someone, somewhere says "Nikia would look sexy in a heavy, oversized, black hoodie!" Yup

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YupYupYup hooraaaay!
thank you!

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So fun, naughty, inventive! I'm always wondering what could possibly be next. Usually, what comes next is a total surprise! And I so love surprises! Especially Nikia surprises! Love the fresh angles in some of the photos in this set.

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what comes next ? OK

1 of good reasons to be a member and to feel that you are the part of our team

the choice is yours for NIKA's APRIL update here on RA. choose 1 from:
1. playing with milk
2. white armchair in a white room
3. movie

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Can I vote for a movie of lovely Nikia playing with milk, in a white chair in a white room?

No, then I vote for a movie, thanks.

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hahaha - yes, good idea to have all in one:) I like your style of commenting this proposal!

this was a proposal personally for 1 member, Nikia's biggest fan - for Mr. Loosebruce .

for BaggyPants
I want you feel as you personally vote for May's update. Of course, this will be the movie in May (if Loosebruce will vote for other update this time). Or it will be your choice if he will vote for April as movie update.

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Ah, Mr. Rylsky, perhaps you would have a choice of movies for BaggyPants to pick from. I’m nearly speechless, sir Rylsky. You certainly know how to make a fan feel appreciated. I’m a devoted enough fan to have read every single comment on every single Nikia gallery and I know there are others who are Nikia’s best fans. I would like to defer the choice to them, but then, without a page with a voting button, it could get messy with all the responses you’d have to track. When you mentioned milk, my first thoughts were of how Nikia’s breasts have appeared larger lately and I’ve wondered if she may be in the early stages of pregnancy and, with that, lactation comes to mind. Could you imagine what photo 37 of this set would look like with a drop of milk dripping from her left bosom? That kind of milk would be intriguing and, before everyone thinks I’m shockingly kinky to suggest that, I’ve seen several photoshoots where a model was lactating oh so mildly and the photos were tremendously warm and, above all, natural. Anyway, Nikia is probably not lactating and, if I haven’t lost you yet, I’ll say that milk can make for a very inventive photoshoot. It can also be very messy and not so attractive, because it can easily become distractive. I’m very curious, though, what you and Nikia would come up with by using milk. So, I’m making that my choice. Maybe in the coming months you can release a black & white gallery of Nikia photos. I agree with what you've said about the expression of personality that can come from B/W portraits. Such a gallery with Nikia would be an absolute treasure. You'd have to charge us more to view them. Seriously! They'd be that precious. Well, everything you create with her is precious, that's just a given. Thank you again for the joy that you and Nikia bring to all of us here.

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I was just thinking...if everyone else wants the movie, then do that first. I can wait for the milk. :) Actually a milk scene may be appropriate for the TLE website. Nikia has not had anything there for a while and I've been hoping there might be a Nikia set coming there again (they was that sites best galleries last year, IMHO). Not sure if your milk set actually fits there, but it could.

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Now clear:

1. APRIL = milk
2. MAY = movie

thank you

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Decisiveness! A great trait to have. Much appreciated! Time to roll out of bed now and enjoy some milk. :)

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"they were that site's best galleries" not "they was". oops.

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