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It is Jimmy, I'm back. I'm glad to see you are well Nikia. You are my favorite above ALL the rest. Your eyes and your smile lure one in. Best wishes and peace and love be with you always. As I said, I'm glad you doing fine. You are as beautiful as ever!

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Welcome back, Jimmy!

She was happy to read this too. And much more NIKIA's updates coming here on RA in 2018. Best wishes and thank you for support

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That is excellent news!

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Nikia's smile in that last shot is priceless! I can almost hear her laughter!

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Ahh Nikia Rylsky's greatest muse. Thank you Rylsky and thank you Nikia.

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I have run out of words for Nikia—they need to invent more. All I have left to say is WOW!

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What a delight to find Nikia waiting for me this morning on RA! Everything about you is superb, Nikia, but those beautiful, alluring eyes.... sigh! I was going to exalt Mr Rylsky, but I can't add anything more to what BaggyPants has already said so well

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I have viewed many Nikia / Rylsky collaborations over the years. No matter if they were filmed or shot yesterday or years ago, they are all priceless!

Floslectai is a super nice example of how well these two work together. I hope Rylsky has many similar examples in his inventory and plans to shoot more for as long as lovely Nikia wants to continue modelling. Nikia + Rylsky = happy me.

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I believe that equation at the end there is considered an axiom by us all. Well said BaggyPants

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