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Nikia was the reason I joined Rylsky the first time. Everything is just right with her, pretty face, great messy sexy hair, and a fabulous body. Other models pose more explicitly, Nikia keeps it sexy and classy. And she looks like she’s having a good time without having to have a big grin on her face on every shot. Consistently one of the best models on here, and Rylsky really knows how to get the best from her.

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This woman gets prettier with every set! How is this possible???

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That's a great dress and a really great way of modeling in it. Nikia, you and your untamed hair have driven me wild all year. You just look incredible, so whatever you are doing to look so great, it's been worth it. Thank you, Nikia (and Rylsky), for a wonderful 2017. It could not have been completed any better than with this set. You set the standard that few can achieve. No. Actually, you are in your own genre and nobody can approach what you do, because it is so uniquely you. I think we all feel very lucky that your galleries exist. They always improve our days. Have a very happy and enjoyable 2018!

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Our beautiful Ms Nikia! Always simply perfect.

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Lovely Nikia in and out of a little black dress makes me very happy.

All the images are very nice but three sequences are wonderful: 20 to 25, 40 to 43, and 46 to 53.

This is yet another wonderful collaboration between Nikia and Rylsky and a rousing finish to 2017. I wonder what special treats our host has in store for us in 2018?

Happy New Year everyone.

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Absolute perfection.

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