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Absolutely gorgeous!

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There's a lot of power in those fingers of hers! If Nikia wanted to make love with her audience, this is a gallery that could do it. She is so welcoming, at times seductive, so sexually open, and always extremely beautiful in these portraits. More than that, she has a long standing way of connecting with her viewers, so that a gallery like this has the power to make each of us feel we've been with her. Nothing else by way of images could make us feel more happy and bring such satisfaction and joy to our lives. This Thanksgiving, you know who we are all thankful for!

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#8 and #12 Fantastic. Thanks as always for Nikkia.

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What a treat Velviana is.

I must have written every compliment about how wonderful any collaboration between Nikia and Rylsky is and today is no exception.

I really like Nikia's hair and her matching manicure and pedicure.

Kudos for two.

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She’s the best.

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