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This looks like it was very challenging to work with the variety of lighting issues (or would you call them "opportunities"?) the set presented to you, not to mention the wind. Nikia's hair going wild, I always want to brush it when it gets frizzy, but here you just have to let it go. I grew up on a farm, so the set offered me a youthful fantasy fulfillment for sure. It looks familiar, a place where other photoshoots have been done. I wonder who that lucky farmer is. Challenging or not, it offers a fresh approach for a Nikia shoot and I think it worked well. I don't think you guys will ever run out of new ideas! It's been a prolific year - a great one to be a Nikia admirer. Whether or not she is the 2017 Model of the Year, she's certainly the model of a lifetime for many of us.

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There is something rather incongruous about a beautiful, naked Nikia draped over the bonnet of a tractor but somehow it works. Nikia looks as good as ever and I particularly love her tousled hair.

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Never saw a sight as beautiful as this growing up on the farm. Thanks Mr. Rylsky!

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Brilliant. I visit farms frequently and will be unable to look at farming machinery quite the same ever again.

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It's Nikia, as always she is lovely; so I am happy.

I am not as happy about the cropping of so many images.

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I miss your language lessons when appropriate.

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Oops! Obviously intended for Green.

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This is wonderful. Our beautiful Ms Nikia at her very best. Nikia is a remarkable young woman.

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