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This is a tour de force masterpiece for our beautiful Ms Nikia. She is absolutely beautiful and the sunlight and shadows are wonderful.

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Nikia is such beautiful perfection!

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Welcome to RA, Geo1!

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Thank you, my friends, for 5 years of your great comments here on RA site.
Some news for celebration of our 5 years online:

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There's no reason to wait until you die to see heaven; Rylsky has found a way to bring heaven to us. There is Nikia and there is the rest of the universe.

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you said it well. i think this every time i see a nikia gallery. i'm sure many of us do.

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Nikko is Nikia and Rylsky at their best so of course it is perfect.

The silhouettes are very interesting as is 17. I keep returning to 41, 42, 47, and 63.

Thanks for this really nice visit.

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Totally agree. Except maybe that I'll keep returning to all 64.

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That also is a very nice image!

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You got me thinking about remarking on individual images, so here it goes... 2 and 3 are wonderful bedroom portraits of Nikia. When I saw 6, i wondered how many of us would actually recognize whose pussy this is, because some defining characteristics are hidden. Very pretty photo, as are 11 and 12 of her breasts - erotic artwork. I like the softer tone of 14 and 15 over 13. Nikia has a great smile in 18, and 19 and 22 are classic Nikia shots. 23 has a personal quality, intimate. 26 is simply beautiful! Love the use of shadows in 35 and even more the beautiful expression on Nikia's face in 36 (I like her hands folder under her face like that). Her playful look in 38 and 39 give me feelings of actually being in bed with her having a great time (a common effect Nikia has in many of her shoots). Image 43, to me, is the most erotic photo of the set. 44 is sheer artwork. The lighting in many of the remaining images seems to bring out Nikia's eyes - it enlarges them, a very nice effect. Love the silhouettes. Love the entire gallery (of course, as I always do). Thank you once again, Rylsky, for bringing us terrific artwork via your work with Nikia. We can alway count of the two of you to deliver something grand!

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There is always something in each image created by these two to admire, either the first time you view a given image; or maybe in the tenth time you view that image you see something you didn't see previously.

It is nice to be retired and have the time to review often.

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