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Always a GREAT day when a new set of Nikia is released! Just a little disappointed it wasn't a video which was mentioned in the comments of a metart set a few months ago. I guess the only way to make it up to us is a video and a photoset of Nikia this month! ;)

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Yes, you are correct, but we did it because it will be photoset on metart + coresponding video on RA soon in August.

Welcome to RA!

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Love the "pin-up girl" look that this red set delivers. The facial close-ups are stunning. Is Nikia thinning out? Her smile looks bigger, but I'm thinking it is because her face has become thinner. I like a natural Nikia look, but the more glossy lipstick works well here. There is definitely a classic glamour photography feel to this gallery, with a few more explicit photos included. I can just see her dancing in some of these photos and want to join in. I will not deduct points for this, but I wanted to brush her hair as I paged through the gallery. One of my compliments this year has been how well her hair has always looked. It has a frizzled, "just out of the shower" look here. Not sure why. I love this gallery, though! Now to decide which photo to "pin up" in my man cave. =))

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It's lovely Nikia, ∴, I am very happy.

Rororro is full of great images. I finally settled on 43 as my favorite but there are so many more that I considered.

Rylsky barely snuck this gem in during July and it was well worth the wait.

Thanks all around.

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Nasha Nikiya. Our remarkably beautiful Nikia. Absolutely beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and cute. She poses with such poise and style. Nikia seems to have a new and different look in this update. I can't put my finger on what is different. It may be her hair style or her makeup, but she looks particularly mature and seductive today.

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