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The undisputed Queen of Rylsky land! Every set is breathtaking I love how is set concentrates on her lovely back and the classical poses. Nikia IS art. She exudes a special warmth that warms her admirers from the inside. There are many Rylsky girls but there is only one Nikia!

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The model is lovely Nikia, so of course I downloaded the gallery; and as always I'm glad that I did.

The first three images feature Nikia's wonderful hourglass figure, and there were many more noteworthy images to follow. Do you like delightful derrieres? Nikia has one and Rylsky staged some glorious images of those golden globe winners!.

I am particularly fond of ladies who are in no way emaciated yet a deep breath, or...and they display a fetching ribcage. Image #s 35 to 37 are what I mean.

Akena is special to my way of thinking ~ many thanks to all who collaborated.

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the color composition and use of light and shade is superb here. Nikia, there has been something about your hair lately that has been so attractive. I'll call 2016 the year of Nikia's beautiful hairdos.:)) Your work as a model has only gotten better, lovely one. I'm happy that you are still doing these sets, but also wishing you the best in your own professional endeavors in the beauty business. And lastly, did you ever meet that special someone you seemed to be looking for when you blogged about dating so many months ago?

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I agree with Gassmeyer. It is my opinion that Nikia would look sexy in a gunny sack but you have done exceptional work with her in this set. I really liked pictures 15 through 18. I have 15 as a screen saver.

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This is fine art. The quality of this set should not be understated. The skill required to present a series of shots like this, from both photographer and model, should be duly noted. Erotica at its finest.

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The remarkable Ms Nikia, always simply perfect! There is nothing else to say. Simply perfect!

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Now it is time for a possible foreign language lesson. According to Google translator, "Aken" translates out of Estonian as "a window" and "a window" translates into Estonian as "aken". I am not sure how that applies to this particular update. There is a window behind Nikia, but it does not seem to be significant to the photos.

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