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There's something extraordinary about this gallery that makes it a cut above the rest that Nikia has done this year. It could be the set, with its simple blend of colors. It could be Nikia's makeup, done oh so well to bring out the sexiness of Nikia's oh so innocent face. It might be the poses, so reserved and lovely and then explicit and erotic. It's the blend of all of these, I suppose, but I find this gallery to be a cut above the rest. Very special, just like Nikia herself.

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I will never tire of looking at Nikia! Though she has an awesome body and knows how to pose to raise our temperatures, It is that face and her many and wonderfully sexy expressions that brings us back again and again. Personality is the thing that makes her so irresistible and of course that flawless body completes her charm. She could render any man defenseless with a mere glance over her lovely shoulder as in #37!

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Nikia you are extremely extremely beautiful!

I love all these photos, but I think 49 and 40 are my favs from this set.

You can never go wrong with that pose in #40! Mmmmmmmmmmm

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Have I ever written how much I appreciate Nikia?

No more than 20+ times, here and @ MET. This is 21+

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Oh Nikia, you remarkably beautiful young woman. Wrap yourself in a warm coat or blanket. It is Autumn. The days are growing shorter and the air is cold. You are so very pretty and you have done so many galleries for us, it seems like you are our friend. Warmest regards and compliments to you. You are wonderful.

Rylsky my friend, you know I am teaching myself to read Russian and after three years, I did not need Google translator to understand this title. I could see instantly, Osenna means Autumn. So an old dog can learn a new trick. :))

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I just saw on CNN International, 50cm of snow in Red Square and it is snowing in Saint Petersburg. Never mind Autumn, I think winter has begun.

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Russia is sooooo big, let's see Sochi, today is: http://www.accuweather.com/en/ru/sochi/293687/weather-forecast/293687

+20C, it is almost summer, I am sure you have same difference in USA, Minnesota vs. Florida :)

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Sure :)) But there is no snow in Washington D.C. yet.

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