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Picture 47! Heaven!

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It's been a while since we've heard from you, Nikia. How have you been doing lately?

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she's travelling, I know this for sure.

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Thank you for the update, sir. It's always nice when she tells us a little about her life in the blog. I wish it could happen more often. By the way, your shoots with Nikia are often masterpieces. Something special seems to happen when she works with you. I wonder if you can elaborate on what that is.

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Beautiful spring flowers for one of Rylsky's most beautiful flowers. Nothing makes a woman glow like a beautiful bunch of flowers. This is a wonderful soft, relaxed set that fits Nakia's gentle beauty perfectly. Nikia has a lock on this warm sensual beauty that the other girls just can't come close to.

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The remarkable Ms Nikia visits with us again. And what a wonderful visit it is. Nikia always is so very beautiful and such a talented model. I wonder how old she was when she first realized that she was a supremely beautiful young lady. She is so very confident of her beauty and is so very comfortable while posing for Rylsky's camera.

I really like the setting of this gallery. It is like the setting of a dreamlike fantasy, filling the eyes with bright vibrant colors. I think it is a stage in Rylsky's studio. Again, I wish there would be some way to sort and search the updates by by locations. This is why I am a fan of RylskyArt, most beautiful models, the most wonderful locations and the most talented artist. Bravo Rylsky!

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WOW, just wow! Brilliant colors that pop off my monitor in every image. Plus my eyes just about pop out of my sockets with every image of lovely Nikia.

If my toes were held in the fire, my favorite images are #s 8, 23, 39, and 40. In reality, all the images could be my favorite. Nikia's hair seems to be slightly darker than usual and is a very pleasing shade.

MANY thanks to Nikia and Team Rylsky for Blumeblu.

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The first sequence of photos made me think Nikia was applying lotion to her beautiful skin and then I couldn't help feeling sad I wasn't there for her to help her apply the lotion to her gorgeous back...

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Mmmmm... the thoughts of rubbing cocoa butter on that delicious derriere... the mind boggles. ;-)

BTW... have a great St. Paddy's Day! (And don't take no blarney from no one.)

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Oh lordy yes that thought certainly does boggle the mind! In a most pleasing way.

Thanks, bro, you have a wonderful St. Patrick's day too! And the same to all the other members ~ and Rylsky and our wonderful models as well!

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