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Nikia is dazzlingly beautiful in this set. Here she is outdoing Matisse:



And picture #46 is simply exquisite.

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One long warm summer's day of laughing, sunbathing, and delicious lobster BBQ on a tropical beach with this woman ... that's all I ask. Just one day.

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In viewing this set you know what I'd really like to see ... Nikia with absolutely no makeup whatsoever. Of course, this is just a personal wish-list. Any chance?

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I really, really, really like it when Nikia visits!

I also like her hair as it is in this gallery.

Thanks to all involved.

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I almost always like it when a woman wears her hair "up" - whether it's in the shower (how convenient) or out in public. Something about the exposed nape of a woman's neck ... mmmm ...

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Photo number 25. Do be careful Nikia. :)♡(:

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For me, With Nikia it's the face, those eyes and their knowing looks. Just looking at her from the shoulders up is all I need. Her face conveys a thousand promises of the delights she could give if could catch her interest. I am sure that she is pure joy to know and she could seduce me by merely leveling that powerful gaze my way. #46 says it all!

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The remarkable Ms Nikia. She is perfect. She has always been perfect. She always will be perfect. Her beautiful body speaks eloquently for itself. Every aspect and feature of her body is deserving of admiration and respectful praise. Nikia is a talented and creative model. She poses with style, confidence, poise and grace. I doubt that it is possible for Nikia to take a bad photo. Simply perfect.

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This location seems to be completely new. I don't recall seeing it before.

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