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I don't know what it is, but she is as beautiful as she's ever been in this set. Truly magnificent.

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Wow... ..Congratulations!
Cute,It seems a Greek goddess (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Regards Mr RylskY :D

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Nikia does have a special gift of channeling The Goddess in her photos. She has an incredible poise and presence that many models cannot even approach...

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The more explicit shots notwithstanding, there are several shots in this set (#s 26-29, 36) that harken back to the golden days of Playboy and, not surprisingly, Nikia has absolutely no problem pulling them off (pardon the pun). Nikia has that certain "something" that always seems to cross the cultural lines and land her smack in the top of everyone's "hit list". I'm sure, had she posed in the heyday of Playboy, she would never have been billed as an "also ran" - Centerfold for certain and, most probably, Playmate of the Year.

Had it been in the days of Greece and Rome, I'm sure Rylsky would've been working in marble and Nikia's image would've been immortalized for all future generations to admire.

As it is, she's a wonderful member of Team Rylsky's bevy of beautiful women and I'm fortunate that she's been kind enough to grace us with her presence here (and other places).

Thank you Nikia and Team Rylsky!

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Everything works in this set, the subtle use of the water, the colors, the lighting, the hair, the outfit, and, of course, the model. Nikia, come back to the blog. I would love to learn more about you.

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Gorgeous model. Nice photos.

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Beautiful Nikia!

This is a perfect start to my day, thanks to Nikia and Team Rylsky.

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Love it! I love the hair style. It looks great on her and seems to give her an extra glow. I'm not wild about the water sets but this one really worked great. Nikia against that black background really puts the spotlight on her and her charming personality really come through. One of her best, but then she is always great. She may not be #1 at the moment but for me she is always top of the list.

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Nikia always absolutely beautiful. I was hoping to see more water and wet hair draped over Nikia's shoulders, but this is Nikia. She can do whatever she wants and never disappoint. Nikia is the queen of Rylsky's goddesses. :)

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