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# 1 and 5 were very nice explorations of Nikia's jaw-dropping hourglass figure, something that leaves me in awe everytime. I also like the photos that showcase Nikia's glorious clear blue eyes.
I don't have any problem with the setting. I probably wouldn't like to live there, but I sure don't mind visiting there with Nikia. ( :

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Gosh damn, Nikia, sexy much?

Thanks for sharing your incredible awesomeness.

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It is always special to see a new gallery featuring Nikia, and today is no exception. Her beautiful eyes and radiant smile never fail to brighten my day.

Thanks to Nikia and Team Rylsky for this pleasant visit.

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Nikia is as beautiful as she can be. Always supremely beautiful. She is so very special.

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Not real impressed with that crazy background but Nikia is lovely as usual. I really like her trim job. Nice and feminine and very nice to look at. A plesant change from the bald or bush sets. There is middle ground in the hair wars and this is a good example. This set would have been much better with a normal background but it's Nikia so I can't complain to loudly.;)

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I REALLY like this set (and not just because it centers around Nikia, that sweethearts of sweethearts. The counterpoint of the bright color props against the neutral gray background seems to set off Nikia's beautiful skin tone even more than her other sets. Well done, both of you!

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No imagination? An exploration of a planet in a distance galaxy, and with nikia as companion? Wearing nothing but a blue lodestone necklace to ward off evil forces (like her companion perhaps)? I think it makes her even sexier if that’s possible. :)

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Jane Fonda WISHES she looked this good as Barbarella!

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