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Just browsing the archives today -- how did this set slip by last year?

The great Duke Ellington once wrote a piece he called "Jumpin' Pumpkins". Now I know what the music was about: Images 27 & 69. One of Duke's girlfriends was overheard confiding to a friend, "I love that man so much I douche with Lavoris!"
(Lavoris was a sweet mouthwash popular in the '30s & 40's.) Ellington would have appreciated Nikia -- he might even have penned something like "Warm Valley" to celebrate knowing her.

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That's images 29 & 69.

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I have to say it. Why the huge necklace covering such a beautiful body?

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Nikia could own me!! Lock stock and bonds!! ;o)
I wonder if the expression "roll in the hay" is common in the East...?
Lovelier than usual, Niki looks great in the barn! Hell, she looks fantastic anywhere!!

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1) Nikia's expressive and adorable face, with one of the sweetest smiles in Rylskyland and the whole MA universe:
2) Her playfulness that animates this set and makes it a joy to observe:
3) Nikia's exquisite hourglass figure that makes my jaw drop every time I see it.

(My top 3 favorite things about this set)

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Wow! This is a surprise. When did the update get posted? Nikia is as beautiful as ever. She is such a remarkable young woman. Her photos are such a pleasure to see. I love the Autumn theme, with pumpkins and bails of straw, but it occurs to me that there would be a chill in the air. I hope our beloved Nikia was nice and warm.

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It would be nice to see her with a little chill and see goose bumps all over that beautiful body!

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To me she shows absolutely no evidence of discomfort or unhappiness. Quite to the contrary...

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I give thanks every time we receive the harvest of another collaboration between lovely Nikia and Team Rylsky.

Thanks for today's sightings of Nikia's lovely face, eyebrows and eyes, beautiful lips, lovely areolae and nipples, translucent skin, slim hourglass figure, innie, camel toe, delightful derriere, enchanting smile and dimples, nice inner labia and superb outer labia, and slim legs with well defines calves.

I really like Nikia's hairdo today especially since we can see her lovely ears. I will give her ears the biggest compliment I can and say they remind me of Audrey Hepburn's ears.

A question for Rylsky. Was this gallery shot at a cultural or heritage location?

Many thanks to Nikia and Team Rylsky for this charming visit.

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