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Have a great weekend to all of our members

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Her Divinity Nikia visits us again, and spreads life and a bright smile. She is without peer...

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So THIS is how crop circles are made! Fascinating!

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BTW ... Nikia's derriere, especially in #s 17 & 18, reminds me of ... well ... um ... er ... seems like my train of thought has become derailed here ...

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Please send her over here to me. After spending the day in that field Nikia needs to be checked closely for ticks! ;-) It's something a long-distance inspection can't do - it must be done in a close-up "hands on" fashion!

My commendations to your lighting director Mr. Rylsky. Well done throughout. Of course, taking a bad photo of Nikia CAN be done although it takes quite a bit of practice. Would be like photographing the Venus de Milo against a white background with 3000w of electronic flash.


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A warm summer day, a beautiful woman amongst natures bounty, What more could we ask. This is a perfect setting for Nikia. The colors are very complementary and the photos sharp and clear with a nice sprinkling of intimate closeups. I love the use of sun and shade on her magnificent body and those standing rear shots are awesome! 16 through 18 show one of the cutest butts anywhere and 31 thru 36 are classic Nikia. I love the blue wrap and how it complements her eyes and the clear blue shy above. Her body is fantastic but it's her inner glow that makes Kikia special.

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This update proves that Nikia is perfect, she is supremely beautiful and she is a remarkable young woman. I have written so much about Nikia. There really is nothing more to say about her, but this update is a tour de force masterpiece. 48 magnificent photos of this beautiful goddess in a splendid location. Magnificent!

Nikia, you are perfectly gorgeous.

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