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She's as captivating here, as she is on Met... Very delicious!!!

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Very cute girl. And yeah, great hair. Wonder if she accidentally sits on it occasionally.

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I think it's only twenty inches long...she's very tiny...;o)

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Petite little Nellie, what a cute little porcelain doll. Only 5ft 1 in and 86lbs. She is a tiny bundle of pretty and cute. What a treat. Warm regards little lady and best wishes for much happiness.

PA: I love that wonderful long, long hair.

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This little lady is indeed adorable... and I agree about her amazing hair. She and Virginia Sun.... ( :

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Yes, they both have wonderful long hair. But I just realized Virginia is six inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than this tiny little Nellie. A strong gust of wind could carry Nellie away.

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Petite is right. Adorable girl. Lovely set.

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