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Lovely Nedda was shy and had not shown up when I went to bed. When she did arrive she proved once again the truth of my un-scientific theory.

I love her eyebrows, sharpies, generous lady bits and even her subdued version of a muff.

All the images are spectacular. Nedda and Rylsky brought their A game. I love this Islanders jersey, so much better than the Oilers garish orange one.

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Yes, I like this jersey color.

Let me say that I really wish to see alternative jersey for Oilers in black color. I really think it will be awesome, especially based on the "OILERS" as a name and meaning, who of us will think about ORANGE color when we hear "OIL"??? black + their logo or some mascot - I will buy 1` immediately. You know that I support Oilers as my 2nd fav team.


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Our teams only need to listen to us my friend to have the best jerseys. I went to only one game last year and saw a fan who had a black Oilers jersey. He must have bought it from a non Oilers store and it looked good.

My favorite jersey is an older blue one with copper trim not orange trim.

Unfortunately jerseys are BIG business and anything they roll out, there are enough fans who will shell out over CAN $200 for "new"

One of my favorite football teams is Barcelona because I like the way they play, plus when I first started to like them their only logos were the club crest, and UNICEF for free. Now even they can't refuse the BIG dollars from Nike and the large airlines etc. All the better to afford Messi and others.

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I really hate to see Tshirts of football club teams now. All I need is the color of my team and logo that I support. NHL is very good, FIFA and UEFA making good deal as well, they get money for official ball , not touching team uniforms with any airways or some f****g bet company. I don't want to see it near my heart when I am sitting on arena and singing Anthem. Let's hope NHL and National soccer teams will keep it as is.

Yes, I like EDM blue jerseys, but it looks almost the same as NYI for me :)

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Nedda is an interesting model of whom we get short, tantalising glimpses from time to time. I am always pleased to see her when she has trimmed her copious pubic hair and would like to see a lot more like the last 10 photos in this gallery.

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This gallery is a bonus gallery, as any update in Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
And sure you'll see more photos like final 10, as usual update with her :)


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I absolutely love our beautiful Ms Nedda. She is a beautiful little sweetheart who can steal any man's heart. I love her tiny thin feminine figure and her pretty face. It is always so nice to see her in a new update. Of course, it seems only the best Rylskyart models get to wear Rylsky's priced Islander jersey.

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