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All hail to the natural woman who dares to be herself!
I much prefer this over women who try to look like little girls, which quite frankly scares me. The only thing I do not like is that often when women have their natural hair, photographers seem to feel the need to make "look into my mailbox" pictures. In this case I would suggest to take her into an ancient forest, or have her pose in a medieval castle (ruin). Maybe it is just me, but I am a bit tired to see girls "opening up" while it is totally unnecessary.
Beauty lies not in showing off parts, and I think nedda deserves better. ;-)

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All 10s, all day long; images, Nedda, and Rylsky.

Thanks and 10s to everybody involved in bringing Arusori to us.

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Although I have no objection to pubic hair per se, in Nedda's case it is more of a forest. As a fan of oral, I would find such copious hair rather daunting and offputting. A little trim would help!

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Ahh, the amazing Ms Nedda. Perfect! I adore her exquisite thin petite figure, definitely my favorite female body type. And I love each and every strand of Nedda's beautiful hair, every strand precisely where Mother Nature placed it. If Mother Nature put it there, how could it be anything less than absolutely beautiful.

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