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mmmmm... I Likes , A Lot !!! :) Nedda is stunningly beautiful in this set, sets the fantasies in motion very well ;)

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Whoa! Some fine shots of this lovely woman. Pants off (oops, I mean hat's off) to Mr. Rylsky for this wonderful shoot and amazing model. Is extremely creative!

Rating: 5 boners!

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It is always so very nice to see Nedda in a new update again. I love her thin petite feminine figure, my favorite female body type. I like Nedda's natural hair, but perhaps she should visit a waxing salon for her bottom. This of course her personal choice. Nedda is like my all time favorite model, Chandra. Both ladies have that thin petite figure and both bravely show that wonderful natural hair. But Chandra does have her hair trimmed and shaped into a very appealing triangle. Nedda is a beautiful young nature girl. Very nice.

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Hot !!

Real. Adult. Unashamed.

Love it. Thank you, Nedda.

Nice work, Rylsky.

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Yes! Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes! Welcome home, Nedda.

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I agree with all BaggyPants's comments, and would add these. It has been a long time since we have been treated to such a luxuriant bush on this, or any, site. Wow. I love her ample hair coverage, all around her thighs and anus. I would love to bury my face in it for a long time. My only question for the model: why not grow your underarms to match? That would be the ultimate in eroticism.

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I hope, Gary, that you have noticed the existence of Love Hairy. It sounds like the perfect site for someone who can with a straight face post that a model growing hair under her armpits would be "the ultimate in eroticism." Of course, I and many others on this and any other site will understandably avoid it, but there's clearly a niche there and I truly hope it does well for the Met-Art group of sites... if only so people with an interest in seeing "hairy" women stop throwing a party every time the rare set pops up here.

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Sincere thanks to lovely Nedda and (?) Rylsky for this visit.

Not only does Nedda pose for us with her abundant pubes in all their glory, we also are blessed with images which showcase some of her other appealing physical features. Those “other” include her: fantastic cascade of luxuriant and wavy hair, significant eyebrows, delightful derriere, well defined calves, innie, and rigid nipples.

Nedda is living proof of my un-scientific theory, and Rylsky proves that an image can contain both the model's face AND girlie bits in focus. I am wowed by this gallery!

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