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It would be wonderful to see Natalia as a proper cowgirl, with horse, prairie and a lack of clothes :))

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Wonderful debut. The poses are so much like what I'm used to seeing Nikia do that I often thought it was her. Perhaps this was due to your direction, Rylsky. In any case, Natalia B collaborated with you to make a very happy set of photographs. I'll be glad to see more from Natalia.

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Natalia B is simply amazing and you captured that sexiness perfectly. Thank You!!

Looking forward to seeing anither set soon.

On a different note, what do you use to edit videos, Final Cut Pro? Premiere?

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we use both.

thank you!

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Yee haw! Just in time for the Calgary Stampede.

Natalia B is a very attractive young woman. I hope our host has some more more similar treasures in his archives. My favorite images are 9, 16, and 36.

Rylsky: Do you still use Macs for editing etc?

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Calgary Stampede? Is it really great show?

Now we mostly using Win PC for photos, Mac used only for videos.

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If you haven't seen it, it's amazing!

I really like the bull riding, the bulls are HUGE and for some reason the riders are quite small for cowboys. I don't know the stats but I bet that in a major event like the Stampede or Frontier Days in Wyoming (I think), the bulls win more than 90% of the time. There have been bulls that were never ridden, or at least very seldom.

All of the events are great; some are man against animal (the three riding events), some are team events, man and horse against steers, two men and two horses having to rope both the head and feet of a steer with two separate ropes. The chuck wagon race is exciting, but unfortunately horses get hurt if the track is wet and sloppy.

One of my uncles was on the cover of Sports Illustrated from when he performed during an exhibition for Queen Elizabeth II.

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