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Wonderful work. I especially like the crisper b/w pics. Monika's pubic hair really makes this work well. I agree with what Fred has said and I'd love to see more like this. It has been on my request list for a certain other model for a while now. Maybe that is yet to come. Thanks for this, though.

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Beautifully done, and Monika is an excellent subject for this kind of photography. #15 is especially gorgeous.

For me, black and white or sepia photographs seem more vivid and have more weight and nuance than color, and if you put one next to the other, as here, the color picture usually doesn't have the same impact. But they're different idioms, with different strengths, and it isn't not a matter of choosing one or the other.

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I'd love to see these pictures in color, especially the gorgeous #12.

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