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  • Eye color: green
  • Hair color: blonde
  • Breasts: medium
  • Shaved: shaved
  • Measurements: 35/23/35
  • Height: 5'9"
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Country: Ukraine
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
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I like medicine and want to be a nurse. I love the comfort of my house and I like being at home, watching tv, reading books, and cooking.

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Such a beautiful bottommmmmmmmmm.

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Yes, I know the feeling !! It is my absolute favorite.

There is nothing more sensual you to watch. The blonde hair as it blows in the wind, her beautiful green eyes as they sparkle in the sunlight and show you the joy and pleasure of life. Her delicate fingers stroking a strand of hair from her face and then presents this charming smile you. And then there this little dimple in her mouth so sweetly and melt away. Your Tender shoulder blade with her symbol that means exactly what it is .. a light kiss on her breathe this pure place of her body and never forget that moment.

But are all the more intriguing its many small freckles across her cute little nose. I love this sight, no appearance of this woman .. Like an angel !!!

But can also quickly become a little devil, this angel. But still it does not lose its charm in its appearance.

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I adore all about ♥Mila♥ from Her Head to Her Toes!!! It would be fantastic to be with this Angel on a dream Beach and embraced with Her to watch a beautiful sunset on the notes of the Song "I Swear" by All 4 One♥ Thank You ♥Mila♥ to be here and to show us Your amazing Beauty... Kiss kiss all over ♥ ♥ ♥