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Makes you want to jump intoa shower with Michele ( A.K.A.Micca) right now!

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Another red haired beauty in the shower with long wet hair draped over bare white shoulders and chest. I am very happy. My cardiologist would be annoyed. If I could just convince Michelle to leave her razor in the cabinet for a few days before her next shoot, I would be very very happy and my cardiologist would throw my computer in the trash.

Please Michelle, give it a thought. My heart can handle it, I promise. Just a few days before your next shoot. Red is myfavorite color.

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I've always liked Michelle on MetArt, so it's nice to see her here too. Her boobs are magnificent.

The only thing missing from this set are soap bubbles! I like shower sets, but they never have soap. The fantasy of joining your girlfriend unexpected while she's lathered up is fun but rarely exploited. :)

I sure do have a favorite model on this site I would love to see all soapy.

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Please visit a site for special bubblegame set in May. The only thing I will say about it is that it will be not Kei, but you will get bonus...

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Thank you so much for bringing Michelle to RylskyArt! She is one of my favorite models. She has simply the most amazing eyes, and I just love her smile. Also, one can't help but adore that flaming mane of red hair. I hope we'll get to see more of her, and soon.

I had requested her on the Make A Wish, but the one thing I didn't request, but had intended to, was for her to photographed in a "wet" environment, such a bathtub, pool, or shower. Rylsky, you read my mind!

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Dear Serachen,
Thank you for compliments and I promise to yoiu that I will not read your mind anymore, because I like to read your wishes on this site and try to make it real:)

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