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So good to see Melody again! That song was on my mind, too:

A pretty girl is like a melody
That haunts you night and day

But it's puzzling. I could swear I've heard the "lingers in your mind" line, and it certainly scans, but where did it come from? It wasn't in Irving Berlin's 1919 version, in "The Great Ziegfield," and it isn't in any version of the lyrics I can find online or on YouTube. (After Pat Boone I couldn't take any more, admittedly.) Do you know the source?

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Many thanks to our host and lovely Melody for this keeper to go in my PETALS folder.

I especially like Melody's pale skin, ribs, m m m marvelous muff, generous and high quality bum, and top shelf labia.

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Well, when was this posted? I checked at 3am and there was nothing new. Always a surprise in Rylsky Land. A pretty girl is like a melody that lingers in your mind.

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