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Another perfect gallery featuring oh so adorable Marit. When she bends over for those rear view shots the results are heart stopping. It goes without saying that you can never have too many galleries of Marit.

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I love Marit's ass and pussy most, I would love to lick out her ass. Her tits are absolutely amazing. My hand is having fun looking at her.

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The set is amazing and the girl is even better, but, we need a video with her just to be sure.

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Come on mate, we need a video of her because she's amazing and we want it, not to be sure! Anyway, it's not cool to scare her with such a comment. I can't wait to see a video of her, and I'm sure it will be awesome!!

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welcome to RA Club, ModelExpert!

yes, we asked her and she will answer soon about videos.

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Marit is a truly beautiful young woman, with an absolutely perfect feminine figure. She is the perfect replacement for the beautiful Virginia Sun.

But Rylsky, I must say, we have seen this location many times before and I am sorry to say I do not think it is among your best. The colors just don't seem to go together very well. You have so many great settings and locations. The bad ones stick out like a sore thumb.

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Dear Neil, I understand that I have no chances to use locations that everyone likes. Very glad yoiu said honestly what location and setting you dislike. But the perfect example of like-dislike is any water set or shower set. You know how many people dislike it , but you love it.


happy weekend everybody!

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THAT face! Those eyes, that smile, that lovely golden hair! She had me completely in her grasp by #3 but #14 &15 sealed the deal for good! All the way through I couldn't take my eyes off of that face. And #75 was the perfect closing shot! Her body is great but it's her face and that radiant smile that wins my heart!

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My GAWD this lady is lovely. I have to review all her sets now... (:

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Isn't it wonderful how you can look at 2 or 3 sets by a model and suddenly "discover" her.

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