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Mariam is very cute, but that's where the attraction stops for me.

I WAS going to be a smartass and say that a more appropriate "stage name" for Mariam would be "Hariam"...Har-i-am...??... But I won't...;o)

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Mariam is quite irresistibly cute, as demonstrated in the closing fully clothed sequence. But in addition to that, she has what might very well constitute a pair of perfect breasts... in size, shape and proportion of areola/nipple to overall breasts. Quite profoundly beautiful. ( :

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MAN!! Do we disagree on those tits!! ;o) To each his own... Good thing we don't ALL go for the same thing!! lol

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Yes, it is definitely a good thing, Rock! ( :
I respect your opinion, but quite vehemently disagree.

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They could use a bit more "lift" but, naturally speaking, it's what she got dealt to her. Not knowing anything personal about her (exclusive of the photos of course), she COULD have had one or more children and that would account for her breasts being a bit less than "perky".

That being said however, Mariam's cute in a girl-next-door kind of way and that's refreshing in this world of carbon-copy look alikes.

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I am very happy to see this update featuring Mariam. She is one of those very special models whom I discovered on the internet and caused me to join RylskyArt. Mariam has a very special unique natural and wholesome quality. When I look at her photos, I wish I could wrap her in a robe and hug her. She has a wonderful twinkle in her eyes. I imagine she has a very warm personality. I think the photos of her in the green jersey and torn denim shorts at the end of the set are perfect. I imagine that is how she normally dresses and those were her own clothes.

So to the beautiful young woman who is known to us as Mariam, very warm regards and best wishes for much happiness. You are wonderful.

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Yes, I thought so. The torn denim shorts are the same ones she was wearing in "Goitro," my favorite of her sets on MetArt. So now I wonder if this set was photographed at the same time. I imagine that these denim shorts are her favorite and she wears them frequently. Her hair style is different.

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