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OK. I am home after five days in the hospital and ready to get back on the internet.

Malinda is so pretty and breathtakingly cute. I feel like wrapping her up in a warm fluffy robe and giving her a big hug and a kiss. It has been a long time since her last update and we might have forgotten just how cuddly and cute she is. Malinda reminds me of Virginia Sun and the amazing Ms Jeff Milton. Three very special sweethearts.

Now, the foreign language lesson. According to Google translator, the title "Titik" translates out of the Indonesian language as "point, dot or droplet". Mr Rylsky is very imaginative.

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Good to read your writing, welcome back!

What you write about our host is true!

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Malinda is too good to be true. I have never seen a more delicious pair of calves in my entire life. So sexy!

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So free with her body. Nice to see. Such a wonderful smile too.

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Beautiful face, nice eyebrows, blue grey eyes, gorgeous long wavy hair, radiant smile, wonderful cheekbones, shapely legs, great bum, coin slot navel, lovely lady bits, occasional hint of ribs, yep; Malinda has all of those. It's a shame we are limited to a 10 for her rating.

Malinda and our host each brought their A game and I loved every image of it. There are so many images that resonated with me, it is impossible to select a favorite. Each image is a favorite in its' own way.

Titik is the second thing to make me very happy this morning.

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