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Luciana is a beautiful young woman with an endearing smile and a very pretty popka.

Let's do this more often Rylsky ~ please.

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The first four photos in this set reminded me of a beautiful gallery on MetArt titled "Presenting Kreslava" by Dmitry Maslof, published in February of 2008. Maslof positioned Kreslava left or right of center in a lovely meadow. This allows the viewer's eye to be drawn deep into the distance where there are some buildings, perhaps a village. It makes me feel like Kreslava is inviting me to accompany her to that distant village. Very nice. I very seldom will say that any photographer is better than or even equal to Rylsky, but occasionally it happens.

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Luciana is another woman who always seems genuinely happy to be doing what she's doing, no matter what the setting.

Two things I was wondering about the set, one especially about the shots done in and around the pool. Did you do any post processing to adjust Luciana's skin tone to more closely match the wooden door in the background. The frames 28-27 seem to show a much paler skin tone and those afterwards seem more bronze/orangey in color.

Second, we know from the set that Luciana doesn't mind getting wet, but I think you missed an opportunity for the obligatory "wet hair whip" in the poolside shots. I know that, with Luciana's hair being as long as it is, getting it soaking wet for such a shot, it's a pain in the you-know-where to dry and that it seems to take forever to dry it out - even with a hair dryer. Just wondering... with that lovely long blonde hair what that shot would have looked like.

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thanks for questions, Arkie.
the colors of skin here are differs because of reflections around, it was at least 3 colors around, so you can see how it change the skin tone.

- missed an opportunity for the obligatory "wet hair whip"....

yes, thank you, it is good point, I missed it.
sorry! very good style of comment indeed!

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Luciana's generous curves always leave my mouth watering... (: Such appealing beauty.

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Nice to see an outdoor shoot again even if it was short lived. Luciana has such a full natural body. She was made for the outdoors. Hopefully this summer will bring more outdoor work this year.

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Yes, indeed, many more outdoors coming to RA soon.

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Fifty perfect photos of an absolutely beautiful woman. Luciana is great model, one of Rylsky's very best. I have always loved the way Luciana seems to be so happy and friendly, with a wonderful magnetic personality, just like the magnificent Ms Loreen. I like the first four photos in this set. With Luciana positioned left of center, the viewers are invited to look toward the background, as if Luciana is showing us something in the distance. I can imagine Luciana as a tour guide in the kingdom of Rylsky Land.

Now it is time for a foreign language lesson. According to Google translator, Basseya does not mean anything in Russian, but if you replace the ya with a 'n' you get bassen which translates out of Russian as "pool", and that makes sense. So Mr Rylsky changed the last character in a word from what looks like an upper case H to a backwards R and created the title "Basseya". :) Cool.

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cool, Mr. Holmes

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He is in fact drawing our attention to the Russian nudity police lurking in the woods across the way. Shameful little beasties that they are.

Now either one of you needs is a cute little beagle dressed up in a deerstalker hat to traipse around with them... maybe you could train him to chomp on a Meerschaum pipe for effect... ;-)

But just who are you going to get to play the part of Dr. Moriarty?

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Don't you know? Dr. Moriarty left London and became a photographer in Russia. It is elementary, my dear Dr. Arkie.

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I would never have picked RA for inspiring fan fiction... (;

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