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This may be my favorite set of Luciana, wonderful head shots showing off Luciana's beautiful eyes and wonderful smile. I Love her hair in this set, shoot I love everything about Luciana, and this set is magnificent.. Would love to see Luciana in more outdoor settings.

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Just look at Luciana's face, isn't she beautiful?

When (if) you look elsewhere, she also has more, and visible, examples of beauty. For me, they include long wavy hair, shapely breasts, wrinkled areolae, rigid nipples, that spectacular navel, and occasional glimpses of ribs. By any measure, Luciana is a beautiful woman!

Thanks to Luciana and Rylsky for this bright, sunny visit to a field of canola.

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I really like outdoor sets like this. A truly beautiful woman in a beautiful field of wild flowers on a lovely summer day. What could be better? Such sets are the gold standard of erotic photography. I imagine the difficulty in arranging these outdoor shoots, but when they work out, they are wonderful. I always love Luciana's wonderfully beautiful face. Her blue eyes are exquisite. And she always has a happy, friendly and inviting smile. Of course Luciana's figure is flawless. Rylsky captured so many wonderful images in this update. So very nice!

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Lovely Luciana, in a field of flowers... 'nuff said. (:

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