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I hope this works, and that Rylsky forgives me for consuming his bandwidth. It is just so unique and I didn't know where to post it with a chance that members might see it.

Officials at a Safari Park in Shkotovsky, Russia gave a live goat to an Amur tiger for a meal. They did not anticipate what happened.



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I know that photographers constantly strive for new ideas, but the striped light from window blinds is not something I care for.

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Gary, let me say that it was used in a part of this set, this set is also contain many images without striped sunlight:)

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The warm afternoon sun really compliments Luciana's warm, generous personality. Outstanding. (:

I really liked the opening sequence with the cute dress as well... Luciana's pink parts look so appetizing in that lighting.

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It is always nice to see Luciana. She is a beautiful woman with a gorgeous body, but I am taken by her beautiful blue eyes and her happy, friendly, inviting face. I think it would be very nice to meet Luciana. She seems to have a warm outgoing personality.

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Luciana certainly is a very attractive young woman! Nice kitchen too.

Thank you Luciana, thank you Team Rylsky for this very pleasant visit.

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