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Luciana is truly one of those rare beauties that holds my attention completely. Those lovely eyes, beautiful smile... Luciana is a precious treasure.
3 pages to this set wasn't enough, Luciana could easily keep us spellbound with her beauty twice this amount and more.

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Very pretty in her blue dress on the staircase.

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LOVE the pussy hair, Luce.

Soooooo warm and inviting.

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Who needs a fireplace when you have Luciana around? Perfect from head to her painted toes.

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I wish there had been more topless shots like those at the end, which displayed her breasts better.

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Now that kind of hairy I can live with! She has just the right amount of hair and the natural blond color is really nice. The lovely glimpse of joy juice really gets the flames going! Luciana has a unique body type that I fine very attractive.No skinny little thing here. No bones showing just a real desirable female body nicely rounded everywhere it should be.

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The beautiful blonde super star named Luciana. I love her sparkling blue eyes and radiant smile. She has such a happy inviting face. Her wonderful personality just shines through the monitor screen. It is a delightful pleasure to view her updates.

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Mag-ni-fi-cent. Luciana is a work of art. Period. ( :

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