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a wonderful set from a magnificent, fearless model

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A very nice set of the lovely Luciana. She always carries herself with such poise and bearing that it's nice to see her let down her guard and get a little silly with her beads at the beginning of the set. That genuine smile is heartwarming.

As for the rest of the set, I have to admit I'm a fan of the shots taken from a low angle looking up. Somehow at certain times it just seems the appropriate angle to worship female beauty. ( :

And Luciana's creamy goodness looks so yummy...

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Luciana is absolutely beautiful, with a gorgeous, perfectly shaped body. So very fit and slender. But for me, her very best feature is that beautiful face, with those lovely blue eyes. Luciana always reminds me of the beautiful Loreen. Both ladies have such happy, friendly and playful faces, radiant eyes and pleasing smiles.

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