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How can that score be so low????? This woman is near perfect. Granted the set is a bit tame and it's missing the lovely feminine closeups I love but there is enough to know that this beauty is a definite PP. I love that strong athletic body! That is a hand full of woman and built for lovin! I don't know who is dragging the score down. Maybe it's because of the body hair but I think her feminine grooming is nothing short of perfection!

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A very pretty young woman, with a natural wholesome beauty. I like Louisa's gorgeous athletic feminine figure. Very nice. It was very nice to read Louisa's profile biography. She seems to know what she wants in her life. I think if I lived in a place like Sochi, I would not want to move not to Moscow. But this lady has a plan for her life. You go girl, life is for the young.

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Many lovely images of a lovely young woman/

My thanks to you both.