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At length I saw a lady within call,
Stiller than chisell'd marble, standing there;
A daughter of the gods, divinely tall,
And most divinely fair.
- Alfred Tennyson, Dream of Fair Women

The statuesque Loreen is a vision of loveliness in this set, never more so than in picture #38. Wow!

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I think we should print pictures of Loreen and issue them as a world currency. Her image is pure gold.

Her images will by in cyberspace forever. Someday, cybor-archeologists will find her images. They will record that this was a time when goddesses walked among mortals. We are truely fortunate.

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if print - try to use kodak metallic 30x45cm or larger. you will enjoy it much more than on any plasma, even 65 inches is not enough to see what metallic paper prints gave us.

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I really love the way Loreen has her hair in the set. Her short hair really accentuates her pretty face and beautiful blue eyes.

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A new set from Loreen only four days after a new set from her at MET-Art? I feel like I'm being spoiled, and I love it! I'd have to say picture 56 is my favorite in this set. She has just the most amazing smile.

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