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I love this set. This addresses the topic of creativity. The lawn mower included included in every shot was smart even if not intentional. The pristine house and artificial grass highlight the absurdity of the setting. All this juxtaposed with the beautiful woman offering us a view of her incredible body in a most appealing manner. Brilliant.

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I don't think I've ever truly appreciated Lija as much as I should have. Another flawless flower with the perfect hint of naughty that says she would be a lot of fun to spend some time with.

I need to go appreciate her previous sets now.

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Silly Lija! That's not a riding mower! On second thought, who the heck cares? Enjoy.... :D

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Lija- If ever you should start a lawn care business you could retire in a very, very short time.... Lovely and please come back soon.

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I really liked this set. I always enjoy Lija and to watch her open up was very exciting.

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Lija is simply stunningly beautiful. She has the face, body and sex appeal that all men dream about and seldom experience. And if you are fortunate enough to have a woman like her you NEVER forget it.

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If I've said it once, it is worth repeating. Fundamentally, Lija is spectacular.

Her brilliant eyes and radiant smile certainly got my online day off to a rousing start. Even the dreaded whizzing dog poses get a grudging acceptance.

Thank you Lija, well done Rylsky. I hope that Lija and Team Rylsky collaborate on many future visits.

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