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Hair! Lots and lots of hair. Beautiful.

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Here is a quick foreign language lesson for today. The title "Vosto" is the Esperanto word for tail, like Liania's amazing long pony tail. I imagine caring for all that hair is a major chore and a real commitment. Very nice.

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It's great to see living proof of my un-scientific theory.

In addition to her most prominent physical features, I also really like lovely Liania's hair, eyebrows, eyes, and the ability to tickle her bum with her hair any time she wants to.

It's impossible to choose one favorite but it definitely is in the group of 23 to 29. Or perhaps 41 and 42, even 69 and 70 are strong contenders.

Bless you Liania, thank you Rylsky. Vosto is a brilliant start to my day.

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