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Wunderschön, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Liania is an elegant and athletic beauty. Her body and tits are awesome. I love her bush. Why hot unshaven arm pits to go with it?

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Even though I'm not a sports fan, I gotta admit Liania is cute as a button in that jersey. ( :

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Only Rylsky's very best models get to pose in the prized Islanders jerseys.

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Oh no ... tell me it's not hockey season ... again! When will this madness ever end?

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Never, Arkie, never! LOLZ

Personally I couldn't give two figs about ANY professional ~ or, amateur, for that matter ~ sport, but our buddy Rylsky is REALLY into hockey. I think it's his year round pressure release valve to take his mind off work. ( :

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Yeah... that's right... boring...boring...boring... every day a work-a-day job at the "office". The tedium must be horrendous.

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A great bonus set for our Thursday morning. Liania is an absolutely beautiful young lady. I am happy to see her in a still photoset. It's hockey season again and Liania looks great in the Islanders jersey. Belated happy birthday to President Vladimir Putin. (7 October) And talking about hockey, I see Mr Putin celebrated his birthday by scoring 7 goals in a hockey game.

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