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This is a happy gallery. Lovely Leila looks happy, happy is good.

The location is interesting. Is it a private / personal cabin; or is it part of a historic cultural site showing how log structures were built?


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This is very interesting "Russian Village" project that contains mix of XXI century in service and XVIII in architecture + interior details. Not bad mix at all IMO.

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We have something similar close to where I live without the XXI century features. It is named the Ukrainian Culture Village. It has staff actors who role play what and how the first settlers from Ukraine went about daily chores. When I visited there was one wooden church from a neighboring small community that had been disassembled and reassembled on the site.

There were many log houses, I can't remember what the roofs were like. One of my uncles and one of his sons, both now deceased. were role players and their role was to enact how horses were used.

The most interesting thing to me was seeing a former high school teacher of mine who did embroidery from Ukraine. He was so good that the story goes that he was contacted to visit Ukraine sometime in the 1980s or 90s to give lessons in Ukraine because the skill had been lost over time.

We also have Ukrainian dance ensembles who are the equal of any in the world. The music isn't so authentic and wonderful as some but the dancers are superb.

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