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It happens every time! I see a set of Leila and see that she hasn't shaved. I resign to not looking at the set and then make the mistake(?) of looking at just one shot. That's all it takes!! I get sucked in like a moth to a flame...SHE'S GORGEOUS!!! REGARDLESS of hair!! Absolutely exquisite!!

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Love her curves in pic #68.

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With Leila it's the facial beauty that enchants me. Yes she has a great body but that pale skin, long lovely neck and calm serene beauty are the features that make her special for me. The outfit and the pale blue background work very well with her dark hair and pale skin. One very classy lady!

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Exquisite face, exquisite body. Leila is like royalty.

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I'm trying to remember... have I ever before in my life wished to be reincarnated as a string of beads ~ ? ( : ( :

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A very pleasant surprise to have a visit with Leila again. We do not see her very often and she is so very pretty. Such a tall slender figure. Very nice.

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Long, lean, and lovely were the adjectives that jumped to my mind... ( :

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All of which apply nicely. With just a touch of aristocratic bearing.

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