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Welcome back Lamonica, I missed you.

Turkwa is a really nice gallery, for me the crème de la crème images are 24, 51, and 52. That's just me, others will have their favorites and they wouldn't be wrong.

Nice loveseat, I wish I had one like it; nice table, I used to have a similar one.

Kudos and thanks to Lamonica and Rylsky.

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You made me think about idea that I never thought before...
Let us know, my friend, is it good feeling to see some furniture "similar from your real house" or it's always more pleasure to see girl in absolutely non-similar
location in all details (even chair or lamp)?

All members could write their personal feelings as the answer here please.

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That would be great - my office if painted blue - Maple Leaf Blue that is. There are maple leaf crests on each wall - on the columns on either side of my desk are paintings of my 2 favourite maple leafs. On the other wall beside my window is a blownup image of the number 2 photo from Zemira's Palacidi set.

Should I send you a picture ?

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yes, you can send. or give us a link if you uploaded it anywhere in the web

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I deleted the link below.

Is there an email I can send the link to. I would like to respect the models privacy - Cheers!

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but you can use email click on any gallery's page

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I was kidding!

My office is plain and blah like every office in North America - We can't have sports or team logos and this is the worst part no figure-art. Lol

One of these days I'll photoshop my dream office and send a link. Cheers!

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I know nothing of photoshop......so please don't be harsh



  • Fred
  • 11 months ago
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Since white drafting tables are probably not promising elements for a photographic background, and it would be awkward to arrange a bed in the middle of three walls of hand made bookcases, non-similar locations win by default. Though I have to admit it would be fun to see an IKEA Jennylund chair with a Ramna beige cover.

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I think familiar surroundings can enhance the fantasy generated by a gallery and make it a little more exciting. Ultimately, the setting is secondary to to what the model and photographer create within the setting. Do they use the setting to achieve something fresh, original, and erotic? Does the setting enhance the work or does it create distractions? Those are more important than familiarity. I have to agree with BaggyPants about kitchen scenes, though. It's rare that they are not a turn on.

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I'm not sure it was one of your galleries.

The gallery featured an ornate old fashioned rotary dial phone.

I will post more as I think of or see them.

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do you mean this is the same as your real room in your real house?

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Snort! Not quite.

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I didn't really answer your request.

I tend 60-40 for the similar to my real house; but some of your galleries with the new high tech kitchens are very nice. And galleries shot in Neil's favorite Gold Room are also very nice.

It seems like luxury hotels in St Petersburg rival the Hermitage for great decor items and you (I think) and Ron Offlin have successfully shot in them.